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Project Mercury

BFEC activities at Wallops Island VA. 1960-1966

BFEC supported NASA in the installation, checkout, and operation of the NASA Mercury Demonstration Site at Wallops Island VA. Bldg. N161 also known as the " Special Projects Building"

The demonstration site was a suite of equipment that would be deployed at Command and Remote tracking Sites to support Project Mercury.

At the demonstration site, equipment checkout procedures were developed for testing all of the stations tracking, processing and display equipment.

Mission simulations were held to develop equipment operating procedures and intercom voice procedures.

The Wallops Island facility was later used as an Engineering and Training Center ETC to checkout modifications to the mercury network equipment and to train new technicians on the Mercury systems.

Later training classes were held in transistor theory and digital logic, to prepare students for the new MSFTP-1 telemetry decommutator, display and digital command systems.

In 1966 all activities and personnel were transferred to new NTTF Bldg.25 at GSFC.

Present day Wallops is a vast complex and a detailed description is beyond the scope of this web page. To see Wallops present day operations and past history check their web site.

Wallops Web Site

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