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From Jerry Mead

"I have a couple of items I could not definitely locate on the Site, and
Would like to itemize them for you. I noticed there was some reference to them in
your locations, but wanted to profile the program name to assure they are

The NURE program (National Uranium Resources Evaluation) program at
Grand Junction included the complete mapping of potential Uranium resources
in the United States. We completed that program in the allotted time. It
required the use of Aircraft, including Helicopters, and land vehicle and
personnel walking into potential sites. While Uranium is now not a hot item
in the US. I do believe with the shortage of electric power, that map will
Be used to develop uranium resources for future nuclear power plants.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory of the * U of C. This program, as you know,
pioneered deep space probes which are still in operational status. The
Goldstone, Calif. deep space antenna (210ft) still is searching for signals
from outer space.

The Baker-Nunn Satellite Camera Tracking Program:
This program had sites around the world, where BFEC took
over an USAF program to track, and locate space vehicles, or
unidentified objects in space. We substantially cut the cost of this
contracted out program from the USAF. It did have some highly classified
tracking operations. There were sites all around the world.
I remember, particularly the Italy site, where we had some unusual
personnel problems, I think this is enough for one message, but I will
continue to try to remember some of the other programs. from when I
was controller of BFEC from the 1970 to 1986 era.

Jerry Mead

"...the Deep Space Network (DSN) was created and has always been a facility of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory which is managed by the California Institute of Technology under contract to NASA......


Marine Corps Maritime Prepositioning Ships (MPS)

This Power Point presentation is from Don Hill who's son is the HTSI Dep. PM and Ops Manager at the Marine Corps Maritime Prepositioning Ships (MPS) program in Jacksonville, Florida where HTSI was about to deploy some of their folks to the Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan shown in these Power Point photos and are of the conditions they will find there. You can download the Power Point Presentation here:
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From a BFECNEWS article dated 8 August 2009