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Retiree Benefits Resources
Bendix, Allied Signal

Honeywell Retiree Benefits

Cars, loans, discounts etc.

Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc.
BFEC Today

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.
Check here if you have disputes
with your retirement that cannot
be resolved through local sources

Veterans Improved Pension
Eligible for a VA Pension?

Dental & Vision Insurance

Alternate plan for retirees

GI Bill, VA Home Loan & Much More

Armed Forces Jobs
Jobs, Civilian & Military

Reference Desk
Links to about everything



Bendix Radio Foundation
Plus links to other related sites

Lunar Legacy Project

Apollo 11 Mission

GSFC Unified S-band "Green Book"

NASA SP-87 (PDF Format)

Apollo TV Essay
PDF file format

The Apollo Missions
Lunar Panorama's from Apollo 11-17

Raw Photo Feed

Spaceflight Now

Online Space News

NASA Human Space

Images, History, Missions

Photos of Ecuador via WEBSHOTS

A history of the NESEA (SOSUS) Program

KSC Multimedia Gallery
Photos etc.

Mars Orbiter Camera
Image Gallery

ATSC Engineering Projects

Tern Island History & Photos

Bendix operated tracking stations

Goldstone Apollo Station

Terrific Pics from Greg Szekeres


"Tracking Apollo 11" Book/Web Site

U.S. Merchant Marine

Of interest to those who worked
aboard Satellite Tracking &
Instrumentation Ships.

List of Special Mission ships.

Mars Missions

Mariner, Viking & Others...

NASA TV Schedule

Project Apollo Archive

Many links to Apollo Memorabilia

NASA Pocket Stats

1997 NASA Pocket Statistics

Mars Science Laboratory
Landed 6 Aug 2012

International Space Station


Bermudians at NASA
Bermuda Tracking Station
From Bob Burgess

Kennedy Space Center
Science & Technology Home Page

Goldstone Ghost Town
Bill Wood took these photographs
on July 4, 1969, during a visit by
Walter Cronkite just before the
Apollo 11 flight to the Moon...

Guam Links
Guam Map

Technical Reports Server

NASA/Aerospace Information

Satellite Tracker

Two-Line Orbital Element Sets
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John Saxon's Pages

Many links to Australia space memorabilia

Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station

From Colin Mackellar

Parkes Observatory

Apollo 11 Support History!

Ascension Island

Web Cam & Links
Local Newspaper and others...

Ascension Island

60's photos / British

Wallops Flight Facility, VA

Carnarvon Space Tracking Station

Great Space Photos

Ascension Island

Former NASA Station

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

Rosman, NC


Kennedy Space Center

Former Jo'burg NASA station

On Line RADAR Museum
This site for the 50's BFEC
employee when RADAR was king!

Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble Space Telescope
Ultra Deep Field 3D

Soviet Space Missions

The Lost Cosmonauts

NASA Ames Research Center

Lawrence Livermore Labs


Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence

Ascension Island Newspaper

Space Weather

Info on the Sun-Earth environment

ARIA BFEC Flight Team
First Test Flight 1966

NASA Pocket Statistics

From the NASA History Division

Read You Loud And Clear

The Story of NASA's Spaceflight
Tracking and Data Network.
From the U.S. Gov Bookstore ($25)

Free - in .PDF format

14 Mb in size

The Final Orbit
Australia’s role in manned spaceflight tracking. A book currently (Dec 2016) being prepared, looking for donations to help complete.


List your personal web site here !

Dan & Gloria Kovalchik's
Range Rats At Sea
USNS Vanguard & the Devils Ashpit & Quito

Purchase the book "Range Rats at Sea" at this link

Larry Parker

Satellite Tracking & More !

David Moore

NASA Station Tananarive, Madagascar
and Countryside.

Ken Parrish

A great site which has photos of
Ecuador, Madagascar & Goldstone
NASA stations.

Gary Schulz

The Bucket

Uncommon Knowledge About NASA & Astronauts
Little Known Astronaut & NASA Information

Legal and Law Enforcement Info - Nationwide Search

NASA Histrory
NASA History from USC

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