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This list is from the 25th BFEC anniversary (1975 ?) brochure and furnished by
C. Y. Thomas.

"Not all of the people on the list were actually employed within BFEC, but were very much a
part of the growth of BFEC. For example, those names preceded by "Officer" or "Sgt. or
Cpl." were Bendix Radio Guard at the Pimlico facility. Edward K. Foster was the General
Manager and Wilbur Webb was head of Engineering at the time of Bendix Radio field
engineering startup. Some on the list are not retirees; some never had a chance to retire."
C. Y. Thomas

Some on this list might also be found on

Albert Rozario
Bernard Malloy
Boyd Caudill
Byron L Howard
Carl Buddemeyer
Catherine L Bauldin
Charles M. Groves
Charles Sullivan
Charles Zimmerman
Clark Hoshall
Claude W. Dailey
Cpl. Ollie F. Andrew
Cris C. Flores
Curtis Grundyson
Dean Farlow
Donald Detrick
Donald Mahoney
Earl H. McMennamy
Edna Hall
Edward G. Morgan
Edward K. Foster
Edwin Webb
Eldon A. Stanford
Ernest Payne
Francis Gullace
Francis X. Siebold
Frank Homsher
Frank Robinson
Frank Yelton
George Iwashita
George Sawyer
George Yurich
Gerald Cassidy
Hattie Stratman
Herbert Phillips
Irley E. Morrison
James Montross
James Tomlin
Jim Butler
Joel Brafman
John Allender
John C. Knight
John E. Osborne
John E. Sweeney
John J. Bernatavich
John J. Kelly
John Link
John Murray
John N. Swank
John R. Dee
John T. Gross
John Tkach
Joseph Ceccio
Joseph J. Lozis
Joseph Payne
Julian Kalinock
Kenneth Weibling
Lawrence Phillips
Leonard J. Bailey
Leonard Rosier
Lewis C. Gaston
Lewis D. Smith
Lewis Stewart
Lloyd A. King
Loyal Niebel, Sr.
Marie Scotney
Martin Gurry
Melvin Dernoga
Miles Bunk
Morris Gilles
Officer Bernard Auer
Officer Carl J. Maus
Officer Edward Schuhart
Officer William Sullivan
Oldham Powell
Patrick E. Guthrie
Paul D. Kuhns
Paul White
Philip Sweet
Ralph Farina
Ray P. Johnson
Raymond Morris
Richard Payne
Robert E. Richards
Robert H. Himmler
Robert Patterson
Robert Pryor
Russell Chedister
Russell Heck
Sgt. Claud Bailey
Sgt. George Burkhardt
Sgt. James O'Brien
Sgt. Thomas Bradley
Steve McDonald
Steven B. Poger
Thomas H. Meiton
Thomas S. Kender
Vernon W. Bacot
Victor Saucerman
Wallace V. McBride
Wayne L. Harper
Wilbur Webb
William C. Morison
William Connor
William Large
William Platt
William R. Simons
William Raban
William S. Taylor

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