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Recieved in Year 2014

Borucki, Dick 1/25/2014

Stuffelbeam, Bob 2/10/2014

Papania, Joesph

Doell, Richard

Hanh, Harold

Holt, Mark

Norris, Leslie 2/12/2012

Sundgren, Donald E. 10/3/2011

Tuminella, Clinton C. 11/28/2013

Leverette, Bill

Williams, John Lawerence 2/24/2014 Obituary John was the husband of Rosemarie S. Williams , whom he married in November, 1987 in Frederick, Maryland. John worked for BFEC in Alaska, Ecuador, Chile, Madagascar, and other locations including Clarksburg and Greenbelt, Maryland.

Hall, John Melton 11/14/2010 Obituary Jack worked for BFEC in Bad Abling, Germany as an engineer. He was the husband of Rosemarie Breznay Hall

Cornwell, John 4/13/2014 - John passed away after complications of a massive brain hemorrage. John was the Telemetry Supervisor on Guam and when Guam closed he went to Houston where he worked and finally retired

Brown, Lee - Unknown date of passing, from what was reported to me, it was many years ago. Lee was a Telemetry Engineer at BFEC headquarters.

Cox, Clyde Obituary (Updated 7/14) Clyde passed away 4/10/2014 quietly at the age of 73, while taking a nap in Hanapepe HI. Clyde was an Electronic Engineer with Honeywell, NASA.

Svec, F.Joseph - Obituary - Passed away 4/20/2014. He was part of Martin Marettia, Allied Signal and Hughes Electronics.

Tomperi, Gary - Gary passed away in Oct 1998 in Waldorf, MD. Gary had worked in the Ascension Islands, Blossom Pt, MD and probably some more places that I'm not aware of yet.

Shaddeau, Chet 6/13/2014 I don’t have much detail, but apparently Chet collapsed in a parking lot and passed away. Chet was STADIR in Santiago, Quito, Greenbelt and Madrid. I’ll post additional information when I receive it. Updated Obituary

Lacey, Napoleon 6/16/2014 I just received notification and I don’t have any other details.

Sanderson, Kenneth 6/6/2014 Obituary Ken passed away due to complications from Alzheimer disease that he has suffered with for about 6 years with the gradual regression inherited with this problem. Service was at Leatherwood Baptist Church in Anniston, AL. Ken worked at the NASA Tracking Station in Bermuda for over 40 years.

Rechenbach, David 10/25/2013 David worked for BFEC from 1968 to 1996.

Holstein, Milton 1/24/2001

Stamey, Ann 7/1/2014, Ann was the wife of JC Stamey and she worked many years at  Rosman, NC, NASA and later DOD tracking facility.  When Bendix lost that contract, both she and JC transferred to NRL in Washington, DC and she later worked at the nearby Blossom Point Facility in LaPlata, MD until they both retired in 2002 and moved back to North Carolina.

Cross, Donald C. 7/11/2014, Don Cross passed away peacefully of a heart attack in his sleep at home near Atlanta, Ga. on July 11, 2014. He worked for Bendix starting in the 50's after his US Air Force service in the Korean War. He retired in 1978. He was very proud of his telemetry support work of so many Space missions. His last mission was the Cassini. ***Update*** The obit I received from the family; Don was born in Hugo, OK on Feb. 2, 1932. His mother was Clara Brown Cross, of Arkansas, and his father was Leamon Cross, from Texas.  He was an athlete and alumni of Hugo High School. Don served honorably in the Air Force in the Korean War. He was a space engineer, working in telemetry from its early days, prior to the inception of NASA, from 1958 through 1982.  He worked for most of his career for Bendix Field Engineering, travelling all over the world to monitor the space program.  Don worked in support of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions with NASA. His last job was with the Cassini spacecraft. He resided in the USA in Lompoc, CA, Brevard County, FL, and the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. He retired to the Atlanta suburbs. Don is survived by his daughter Cheryl of San Francisco, son Victor of Maryland, and daughter Clara of Washington, and his grandsons Brandon and Sam; his sister Patty and niece Belinda of Greenville SC, and his dear beloved friends Phil and Sandy Kashat, and their daughter Mia of Sugarhill, GA.

Hoynes, Clarence 6/29/2014, No further details at this time

Dutton, Aaron C. 8/25/2014, Aaron was born in New Orleans, Louisiana September 28, 1939, and was the oldest of four children. His father, Aaron C. Dutton, taught mathematics and physics at Dillard University. His mother, Annabelle, was also mathematics teacher who became principal of the all black school, Gilbert Academy.

At the age of 15 and after receiving a Ford Foundation scholarship, he enrolled at Morehouse University in Atlanta, but at 17, and with his parents permission, he decided to to join the United States Marine Corps and went through book camp at Pendleton in California, after which he was sent to electronics school at Treasure Island. He served one tour of duty in Japan in 1959, after which he received his honorable discharge.

Aaron accepted employment with Bendix Field Engineering Corporation and went to work at the radar tracking station on Guam. It was during his time on Guam, Aaron taught himself Boolean algebra, the mathematics which is the basis for modern computing. With this new skill, he transferred within Bendix to Madrid, Spain, the prime tracking station for Apollo, and where he was involved in programming the computers that were an integral part of the missions. Aaron remained in Madrid throughout the entire Apollo program.

Aaron's many accomplishments and interests were scuba diving, spending many hours exploring the coral reef off Guam, sky diving (he had more than 50 jumps), close-up magic, and reading, with an avid interest in history, science, and philosophy.

Aaron is survived by his wife Teresa nee Schiano, his children Montserrat Eva, Aaron C. Dutton III, and Marie Y. Dutton, his sister Sarah Richardson in New Orleans, his brother, Charles E. Dutton in Atlanta, and nieces and nephews in Louisiana, Georgia, and California.

Buckingham, George M. "Buck", 8/4/2014 click here for link to obituary.

Kemp, Dorothy "Dottie", 7/21/2014 click here for link to obituary.

Richards, Edgar H. "Ed", 3/26/2013 passed away after being ill for 3 years.
Ed started with BFEC in Barstow, Ca. From there he worked on Ascension Island, Madagascar and Greenbelt Md. After a 3 year absence while he worked at Telespazio in Italy, he returned to BFEC in Greenbelt and finished out 37 years with the Company (BFEC-Allied Signal-Honeywell) when he retired to join LJT Corp. He was working with them when he passed away. Ed always wanted the best for, and looked out for his fellow workers.

Horner, Charlie, 9/13/2014 Charlie worked at BFEC Headquarters in Columbia and was buried in Baltimore 9/16/2014.

Bennett, John W., 10/1/2014 John worked for BFEC for over 34 years and passed away in Carrolton TX. See link for obituary.

Eisele, Edward J. Jr, 9/20/2014 . Ed had many notable jobs during his life, including 20 years as director at Alaska STADAN Station. See link for obituary.

Jerscheid, John Melvin 10/25/2014. John was with BFEC at Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex. Click here for obituary.

Hunter, George Norman lll 11/1/2011. George worked for BFEC for 25 years, he was most proud of his work on the implementation of the Apollo launch Program at the Kennedy Space Center. Click here for obituary.

Barnes, Jerry F. 11/29/2014. Jerry worked for BFEC before being drafted into the army. Jerry later went on to a long career as a prosecutor with State Attorney’s Office in Maryland. Obituary

Ingersoll, Gerald L. (Jerry) 11/24/2014. Jerry worked for Allied Signal/Bendix after retiring from a long military career. Obituary

Fuzie, Robert Earnest (Bob) 11/27/2014 Bob started with BFEC at Goldstone Tracking Station and later at JPL in Pasadena. Obituary is here.

Pennell, Thomas Leroy 11/24/2014 Tom worked over 30 years with BFEC supporting the NASA Network Sites in  Barstow, Calif.; Fairbanks, Alaska; NST - Columbia, Md.; Wallops Island, Va.; and McMurdo, Antarctica. Obituary is here

Powell, Donald Mack 12/12/2014 Donald Powell worked at the Rosman, NC Tracking Station until his retirement a couple of years ago.  He worked there virtually from the time it opened for BFEC and all the station's various contractors. Obituary is here

Pataro, Pete 5/23/2014 Obituary


Rest in Peace

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