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The author served with the 22nd Fighter Day Squadron of the 36th Fighter Day Wing, later to become the 36th Tactical Fighter Wing at Bitburg AB Germany, from 1957 to 1960 as an Aircraft Radio Repairman, AFSC 30150.

During this tour at Bitburg the squadron flew the F-100-C and the F-100-F, a two-seat version of the F-100 which had additional capabilities and electronics.

Also during this period the squadron frequently had extended stays at other bases in USAFE and namely
Wheelus AB in Libya and Furstenfeldbruck, Spangdahlem and Ramstein Air Bases in Germany and in 1958 a team was formed from personnel and aircraft from all five of the wings squadrons to attend the worldwide USAF gunnery competition at Nellis AFB, Nevada.

A detailed history of the 22nd Tac Fighter Squadron is available

A detailed history of the 36th Tac Fighter Wing is available at the
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Gary Schulz
A/1C (E-4)
USAF 1956 - 1960

Other Military Service

U.S. Navy Reserve USNR-R 1955-1956
13th Naval District - Billings, Montana

Montana National Guard 1962-1964
Sgt. E-5
Billings, Montana

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Gary Schulz


22nd TFS "Webscrapbook"


36th TFW History

Furstenfeldbruck "Fursty", Germany
From Helmut Predeschly

Soesterberg Air Base, Netherlands

Soesterburg, The Netherlands/32nd TFS

The USAF in Germany

Bitburg AB Reunion Site

All of the USAF Planes
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The three shields above, left to right, are the 22nd Tactical Fighter Squadron Stinger, The USAF Tactical Air Command (TAC) shield of which it was called before it was changed to Air Combat Command (ACC) sometime after the time depicted in these web pages and the 163rd Armored Cavalry shield of the Montana National Guard, Circa 1963.
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Montana Air National Guard
Malmstrom AFB Great Falls, Montana