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A collection of photos of 22nd TFS members as they were during their years at Bitburg, circa
late 1950's, some 50 years ago and as they look today (Circa 2008) and other miscellaneous stuff...
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Ozzie Osborne
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Jim Jerkatis & Roy Dawson
Jay Losie
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Don Pasquini
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Email inquiries, etc. to:
Gary Schulz
Gary Schulz
Former 22nd troops, we welcome any photos that you have for the above 'After & Before' page.

Email them to me at <22TFS@bfec.us> and I will post them here.
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22nd Tactical Fighter Squadron Pilots of the F-100-C aircraft era, c.1958
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Sitting on the wing at the right is Capt. Buzz Aldrin while the Squadron Commander is Maj. Norm Phillips who is seen just covering the bottom part of the "S" in U.S. AIR FORCE. The North American Aviation Tech Rep is the person in the dark suit. I recognize others but can't place a name to the face. I am guessing that this photo dates around 1958-1959. I f you have names let me know and I'll add them in.
Click Here to Play Fraulein
The Armed Forces Network (AFN Radio) was the link to home for many GI's stationed in Europe in those years after WWII with programs like the "Stick Buddy" program which was the station opener in our corner of Germany at 0600 every weekday morning in the late 1950's and the theme song heard here was Bobby Helms singing 'Fraulein', a very popular song of the day.

The Hun Remembered
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