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An F-100-C (54-1999) of the 22 TFS flown by the commander of the 36th TFW, flies formation with an F-100-C (55-2720) of the 7235th Support Sq. at Wheelus AB, Libya during 1958.
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Squadron Colors
Vertical Stab Stripes
(5 stripes)

22 Red - Bitburg, Germany
23 Blue - Bitburg, Germany
32 Green - Soesterberg, Holland
53 Yellow - Bitburg, Germany
461 Black - Hahn AFB, Germany

Commander 36TFW
5 stripes - one of each color

Circa 1957
An F-100-C "999" in the 22 TFS area at Bitburg
Also shown in the painting at the top of this page
circa 1958.The 22nd maintained this aircraft for
the 36TFW CO
At Wheelus AB, Libya -- Circa 1958.
Commander 36th TFW - Col. Walter B. Putnam
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Chow Hall as viewed from the 22 TFS Barracks
Bitburg AFB, Germany - Circa 1958
Aerial view of the 22nd area
Aerial view of Bitburg.
This is a pile of "Smoke Bombs" used for bombing practice and
20mm ammo used by the F-100. The two airmen on the left were
armorers but I don't recall their names. Gary Schulz is on the right.
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On the flightline at Wheelus AB, Libya
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Skyblazer F-100 undergoing maintenance
with the aft section removed showing the
PW J-57 engine.
36th TFW "SKYBLAZERS" parked at the main hangar
at Bitburg AFB, Germany. Late 50's.
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Tiger Town - Barracks & Chow Hall area for TDY
personnel to Wheelus. This view is looking south
towards the Sahara Desert. Just a short walk west
is the flight line and a short walk north is the
Mediterranean Sea.
Aerial view of Wheelus
22nd TFS Comm/Nav & Gunsight/RADAR (Sight) maintenance personnel.
We could stand on the hood of this Jeep to work on the F-100 electronics
most of which was located in the nose of the aircraft, e.g., below photo.
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22nd TFS Squadron Patch (above) came
off of my "Fatigue" or Field jacket and
has a little JP4 and other aircraft residue
imbedded in it. This patch was issued by
the squadron.

Gary Schulz
email: 22tfs@bfec.us
The "Stinger" (22nd), the "Hawk" (23rd), the "Wolfhound" (32nd)
The "Tiger" (53rd), the 461st, and the "Bulldog" (525th).

During the era depicted in these web pages, the 525th FIS was a tenant
squadron of the 36th TFW and flying the F-102 and later became part
of the 36 TFW and converting to F-4's.
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