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This page contains photos of the Skyblazers during the years of their existence and were donated by Don Pasquini who served with the team.
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The Skyblazers disbanded in early 1962 when the USAF Thunderbirds finally got their "long legs" for
european air shows with the air-refuelable F-100D. They went on their first european deployment shortly after that in 1963.

In 1964 the Thunderbirds switched to the F-105 Thunderchief for a brief period, but returned to the F-100D after only six airshows. They went on for a total of thirteen years flying the F-100D.
In 1969 the Thunderbirds adopted the F-4E Phantom, which it flew until 1973.

The Skyblazers originated in 1949 flying the F-80B. Later the F-84G's, the F-86F's and finally the
F-100C's were used.
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Gary Schulz