[Image]  , 3120 byte(s). From a lithograph by Ronald Wong , 109974 byte(s).
[Image]  , 13032 byte(s). [Image]  , 15804 byte(s).
Later paint scheme with team leaders
markings (red, white & blue stripe)
on the aft end of the aircraft
Early paint scheme
[Image]  , 58939 byte(s).

The Skyblazers disbanded in early 1962 when the
USAF Thunderbirds finally got their "long legs" for
European air shows with the air-refuelable F-100D.

The Skyblazers originated in 1949 flying the F-80B.
Later the F-84G's, the F-86F's and finally the
F-100C's were used.

Transports of the era

We rode the C-47 for short trips around Bitburg, the C-119 on trips to Wheelus, Libya and the C-124 on the long haul to Nellis for the Worldwide Gunnery competition in 1958. The C-130 came along in the late 50's and was a welcome relief on the trips to Wheelus. It had a somewhat heated cabin and a toilet facility of which the C-119 didn't and it was a much faster trip.
Dollar 19, 69988 byte(s). [Image]  , 92627 byte(s). [Image]  , 41726 byte(s). [Image]  , 24041 byte(s). [Image]  , 28513 byte(s). [Image]  , 26769 byte(s).
. ... ......With Sleeping Accomodations and Meals

The upper deck inside a C-124 on our way to Nellis AFB
the summer of 1958, a four day trip from Wheelus, Libya
via the Azores; Harmon Field, Newfoundland; Dover, DE; and
Tinker AFB, OK and with emergency landings at Newfoundland
and Dover due to engine failure. We overnighted at the
Azores, Newfoundland and Tinker.
Inside a C-47 "Gooney Bird" getting ready for one of our
frequent trips to "Fursty" (Furstenfeldbruck, Germany).
[Image]  , 25904 byte(s). [Image]  , 24272 byte(s). [Image]  , 54015 byte(s).
We wore the "Baseball Cap" during this era, and they
were manufactured locally as near as I can remember.
The 22nd's cap was RED with it's "Stinger" LOGO on the
front and with this "BECKS" LOGO on the back of the cap.

The Becks logo wasn't authorized, but the rule was
usually overlooked...
Gary Schulz
email: 22tfs@bfec.us
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