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Tech School at Scott AB, IL 1956 / Aircraft Radio Repairman Course.
We spent 36 weeks in the course, graduating in mid-December of that
year. During this time our class had formed a drill team and on weekends we
participated in local parades etc. This usually got us out of KP duty, hence the
laced boots, helmet, shoulder cord, etc.

We were still issued the "Ike Jacket" in 1956 as seen here as well as the blouse type coat and the "C***" cap and I forget the official name for it but seem to remember that it was called the overseas cap. Also we were issued the old Army type tan summer uniform, the old khaki coveralls and we could buy the new sage green two piece fatigues as an option to the coveralls.

In the background is the left over from WWII open bay barracks that we lived in. It had a coal fired furnace for winter and of course there were no air conditioners in those days and in southern Illinois in mid summer it was HOT!
[Image]  , 35127 byte(s). Wheelus, 77068 byte(s).
Downtown Tripoli, Libya
Near Wheelus AFB
Comm/Sight Shop. Wheelus AB, Libya - Late 50's
Each of the shops had their own individual tent.

[Image]  , 33994 byte(s).
32nd TFS / F-100-C.

The 22nd, 23rd & 53rd squadrons were located at Bitburg AB, Germany while the 32nd was located at Soesterberg, Holland and the 461st at Hahn AB, Germany. This aircraft, 54-1923 actually belonged to the 32nd TFS out of Soesterburg, Holland even though it has the markings of the 23rd squadron out of Bitburg, Germany. A mystery...
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Reference the above (2) photos

NCO Club at Bitburg AFB, Germany.

We were all A/1C, E4's "Buck Sgts." not NCO's but
were allowed to join the club as Associate (E-4's only) Members.
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