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This appears to be in the middle of one of the 36th's squadrons at Bitburg. At left center is possibly one of the admin/operations buildings which would be a long way from the runway. The 'drag chute' has been deployed and it appears that as the left landing gear collapsed, it tore off the wing mounted fuel tank. Aircraft # 41917 was a 22nd aircraft that can also be viewed HERE, the photo at the bottom of the page and HERE, at top left.

The date of 13 June 1960 shown on the photo is about 6 months after I left Bitburg for discharge.

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The above clip found on the internet shows Buzz Aldrin in an F-86 and who served with the 22nd in the late 50's.
The 22nd changed from the F-86-F to the F-100-C Fighter in 1956
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