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Restaurant at the Tananarive
Tracking Station.
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This building housed the STADIR, the BFEC Sr. Manager, Goddard Range & Range Rate (GRARR), and the Manned Space Flight Network (MSFN) Air to Ground system.
The left antenna was the GRARR VHF slotted array, the center antenna was the GRARR dual 14 ft. S-Band, and over the top of the building can be seen (faintly) the MSFN Quad-Helix UHF air-ground antenna. To the back of this building was the restaurant as seen in the above photo. Beyond the restaurant a considerable distance and to the right were the Telemetry & Communications buildings and beyond that was the MSFN C-Band RADAR system.
The author was a GRARR tech at this location from 1968 - 1971.
40 Foot Dish
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Tom Foster (NTTF instructor) with a
graduating class of Malagasy students.