NASA Tracking Stations
Past and Present



Antigua, W.I.


Ascension #1

Ascension #2

Ascension #3

Ascension #4

Ascension #5

Australia #1

Australia #2

Australia #3

Australia #4


Bermuda #1

Bermuda #2

Bermuda #3

Bermuda #4

Bermuda #5

Bermuda Today

Bermuda #6

Buckhorn Station

Canary Islands #1

Canary Islands #2

Canton Island, So. Pacific

Corpus Christi, TX

Dakar, Senegal

Ft. Myers, FL

Goldstone, CA #1

Goldstone & JPL

Goldstone, CA #2

Apollo Site Dismantling

Grand Bahama Island


Guaymas, Mexico


Johannesburg, South Africa

Kano, Nigeria

Laser Ranging Systems

Madrid, Spain #1

Madrid, Spain #2

Madrid, Spain #3

Merritt Island, FL


Ben Guerir Air Base


NTTF / Greenbelt-GSFC, MD

Quito, Ecuador #1

Quito, Ecuador #2

Quito, Ecuador #3

Quito, Ecuador #4

Quito, Ecuador #5

Quito, Ecuador #6

Quito, Ecuador #7

Rosman, NC - ROS

Santiago, Chile #1

Santiago, Chile #2

Santiago, Chile #3

Santiago, Chile #4

The Seychelles

Tananarive, Madagascar #1

Tananarive, Madagascar #2

Tananarive, Madagascar #3

Tananarive, Madagascar #4

Tananarive, Madagascar #5

Tananarive, Madagascar #6

Tananarive, Madagascar #7

Tananarive via flickr

Clint Tuminalla Collection

Written by John Laverty

Tracking Ships #1

Tracking Ships #2

Tracking Ships #3

White Sands, NM

Winkfield, England #1

Winkfield, England #2

Project Mercury

Other Programs
Past and Present

BFEC 25th Anniversary
"The Beginning"
25th anniversary brochure photos

The Charlie Fralick Collection

The Bendix Beam, Blossom Point
The King Ranch & others.

Apollo - DSN - Surveyor

Clem Savaikie Collection

Aircraft (C-118, 121's Apollo Sim.)

Aircraft (C47, C118 & Others)


ARIA Aircraft

Compat Vans (CTV)

Detrick Earth Station



Space Surveillance System


NATO Missile Firing Installation

Misc. Photos

Pacific Missile Range

MSFN Control Center

Network Control Center

(msfnoc/nocc/ncc progression)

GSFC/STS-1 Support Team

Includes the BFEC team

MSFN Control Center

Apollo 5 Mission

Facilities Group

Management Photos #1

Management Photos #2

M & O Supervisors/Managers


Dodge Park Building

Network Support Group

Typical Worldwide BFEC Family

Peace Sun Program

FPS 14 RADAR Dedication

Fox Harbour, Labrador

Mt. Erebus Project

Carnegie-Mellon U's "DANTE"

1991 Retiree Group

1992 Retiree Group

Shemya, Alaska


Camp Roberts, CA


S-Band Field Strength Testing

Field Strength Testing, Goldstone et al

Bendix Aerospace Building
Goddard Space Center, Lanham MD

SAFE Project
Quincy, CA

Various Picture

Various Pictures___________

Many thanks to those listed
below for their photo contributions
(And to those whose names I have missed)

Bill Adams
John Adams
Larry Adams
John Bennett
John Best
Dave Bowers
Bob Brodkin
Jim Brophy
Ed Briggs
Dick Brown
Vic Brown (UK/WNK)
Bob Burns (NASA)
Fred Calderon
Jack Carlson
Dave Carroll
Randy Coffman
John Cornwell
Rich Degnan
Reid Drummond
Dan Duffy
Dwight Durkee
Chuck Edmonson
Lou Elliano
Joe Engle
Al Fong
Tom Foster
Chuck Fralick
Al Freedman
Al Ganch
Dave Ginavan
Robert Gould
David J. Gunther
Martin L. Hailey
Sean Hailey
David Herne (Australia)
Malcolm Higa
Mike Hogan
Bruce Hursey
Glenn Jacobs
Nick Jansen
Walt Keesey
Kerry T. Kilroy
Dan Kovalchik
Wendy Kruger
Dick Lahaye
Louis Lombardi
Jim MacDonald
Gustavo Maluenda
Christina Marlowe
Chuck Mason
Mike McDiarmid
John Michalik
Tom Millard
Marv Miller
Dave Mitchell
David Moore
Lenny Parker
Henry Rivas
Karla Rohland
Sam Sanders
Clem Savaikie
Bill Schoene - NASA
Alberto Segovia (Mexico)
Gene Smith
Glenn Smith
Gregory Smith
John Smith (UK/WNK)
Mark Smith
Jim Spaziano
George Spencer
Loyal Stewart
Greg Szekeres
C. Y. Thomas
Clint Tuminella
Bill Underwood
Stan Valeski
Andrew Wells (UK)
Mike Wilson
Bill Wood, W6FXJ
Steve Wooden
Don Zander
Reunion 2007 , 2237 byte(s).
[Image]  , 2401 byte(s).
Additional REUNION 2009 Photos from Harley Crain.
Late arrival
[Image]  , 3011 byte(s).
2011 Group Photo Here
Bendix Florida Club

June 2000 Luncheon Photos

January 2001 Luncheon Photos

June 2001 Luncheon Photos

The below links are aerial views from Google Earth of Tananarive, Madagascar and the
former NASA station area. Most of the photos are dated October 23, 2003 by Google.
All of the notations that I have added to the photos are from how I remembered them
during the period of 1968-1971 when I was stationed there with the GRARR system.

= The Tananarive-Imerintsiatosika-NASA Station view.

The "Hairpin Curve" on the road from Imerintsiatosika to the Station.

The NASA Station (view #1)

Imerintsiatosika 'Metropolitan Area'.

The NASA Station (view #2)

Expanded view of the Telemetry & Comm area.

Expanded view of the GRARR/MSFN/Supply/Admin area.

Example of newer imagery from Google Earth.

If & when Google Earth upgrades the entire area to the newer, greener imagery
I wil make the change to all of the photos.

I welcome any additional information or corrections to my notes.

Gary Schulz
Any inquiries to:
S. Schulz
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