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Opened in July 1998.

NASA occupies the ground
floor and the two domes on
the right. While Defense Tel
runs the basement &
upstairs and the dome on the left.

Of the 12 station personnel, 10
are BFEC veterans.

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Guam of yesteryear

NASA - STDN station
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The De-Activation of the Guam 9-Meter System
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The De-Activation Team

All of the de-activation photos were furnished by Greg Smith who was with the team.
Second from the left is Danny McKinley, center is Joe Cantrell, to Joe's left is Greg Smith.

The De-Activation Teams job was to de-activate the tracking station and bring it back to
it's natural state before the site was built according to the agreement between Guam and NASA.
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Photo furnished by Dave Carroll.
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Aerial photo taken from a helicopter about 1984.
Contributed by Al Fong.
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Station picture taken about 1966. It is a copy of the original made by Al Fong.