[Image]  , 2799 byte(s).
Island Lagoon DSIF & STADAN - 1964
[Image]  , 42499 byte(s). [Image]  , 53527 byte(s).
Gateway to Woomera Missile Range
STADAN Facility
[Image]  , 37552 byte(s). [Image]  , 61052 byte(s).
Back of 85 Foot Dish
85 Foot Dish
[Image]  , 29161 byte(s). [Image]  , 53382 byte(s).
SATAN Receive Antenna
DSIF Facility
[Image]  , 51328 byte(s). [Image]  , 51693 byte(s).
Entrance to Tracking Station
STADAN buildings, antennas, etc.
[Image]  , 49267 byte(s). [Image]  , 52197 byte(s).
Temporary home of four Yank's
The Village of Woomera
[Image]  , 52797 byte(s). [Image]  , 51941 byte(s).
Bill's 150cc BSA Bantam
[Image]  , 70919 byte(s). [Image]  , 52354 byte(s).
Aboriginal carvings enhanced with chalk.
Island Lagoon from the air
[Image]  , 63290 byte(s). [Image]  , 76135 byte(s).
NASA Tracking Facilities
Photos donated By Bill Schoene - NASA Retiree
Late note, June 9, 2012, from Bill Schoene and a mate of his from Australia.

"During our holiday in Adelaide last week, we drove up to Woomera to do a
nostalgic look around the Village where we lived 50 years ago, and out to
the NASA site at Island Lagoon where we (you and I) worked at the STADAN
Minitrack site. It was a bit sad to see so much of the village bulldozed
and returned to nature, but nice to see what remains is well kept. Our 1
Bedroom apartment is still there and looks good. The site at Island Lagoon
has been returned to nature which is also nice. Not a skerrick of rubbish,
cabling or concrete anywhere. I have just done a pix folder with several
comparison shots of 50 years ago VS a week ago to show my kids. There were
a lot of nice memories brought back.

The Senior Mess area where you lived has gone, like the Staff Mess where I
lived as a single guy. Maria and I stayed in the ELDO (European Launcher
Development Organisation) Mess which is now the only Hotel/Motel for
civvies. They were still building EDDO mess in 1963/4. The ELDO did launch
one Blue Streak missile which Maria and I went out to E Range to see. You
might still have been in town then?"

Best Regards