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Project Mercury Installation Team

Standing left to right: Dave Ginavan, Jim Hasdorf, Harry Knight, Lewis Nocchi, Bob Schroeder
Bill Aiken (WECO), Bob Buster (Bendix Pacific), Terry Durnan (WECO), Ted Moran, Lee Brown
Randy Coffman, Bernie Farrow, Joe Steadman (Cubic Corp), Bob Leighton, Charlie Burkhardt.

Kneeling Left to right: Ernie Brosch (WECO), Art Perry, Earl Bunney (WECO Site Manager)
Bill Gardner, Ronnie Jacobs, John Everett, Gary Poindexter, Bob Montgomery.

This picture was taken in December 1960 at the Kano, Nigeria, Project Mercury
Tracking Station during the early installation phase.

Photos & roster contributed by Dave Ginavan
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All of the color photos on this page were donated by
Randy Coffman and the two black and white photos by
Dave Ginavan
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