[Image]  , 3915 byte(s). [Image]  , 109068 byte(s).
Operations Building
[Image]  , 102373 byte(s).
[Image]  , 100349 byte(s).
Rocking-Horse Antenna--East West Tracking
[Image]  , 88262 byte(s).
9meter/136MHZ Yagi Antenna
[Image]  , 90427 byte(s).
Henry Rivas in the MINITRACK room.
[Image]  , 82248 byte(s).
Ed Seman - Operations Tech.
[Image]  , 99437 byte(s).
Henry Rivas & Charles Ford
[Image]  , 74368 byte(s).
Henry Rivas in the Communications room.
[Image]  , 75782 byte(s).
A) Hally Harris -- Chilean Station Director
B) Jim Price -- Crew Chief
C) Joe Caudle -- Crew Chief
D) Station Secretary
E) Henry Rivas -- Technician
[Image]  , 150893 byte(s).
A) Thompson -- Station Director
B) John Michalik -- BFEC
C) Sam Berger -- BFEC
D) Hally Harris -- Chilean Director
[Image]  , 111388 byte(s).
A) Thompson -- BFEC
B) John Sullivan -- BFEC
C) Henry Rivas -- Chilean
D) Cliff Benson -- BFEC
The above three photos are station personnel that were located at
Antofagasta and (or) Santiago, Chile during this era.
Photos contributed by Henry Rivas.

The Antofagasta site located at Salar del Carmen near the Pacific port town of Antofagasta, Chile was initially operated by the U.S. Army in 1957 and was later turned over to a NASA/University of Chile team and run until 1963 at which time it was closed.

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