The photos on this page were taken by Marv Miller who was stationed at Quito at one time and who returned to the site in November 2001 some 20 years after NASA had ceased operations there.
The station was in operation at the time of his visit by the
Clirsen Corp and not using the old NASA equipment but a new X-Band system with a new antenna seen in one of the photos.
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The 40 Foot Dish Control Console.
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40 Foot Dish & Collimation Tower
The 40 Foot was capable of VHF, UHF & S-Band operation
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SATAN Recieve #2 Antenna
Dual 14 Foot S-Band Antenna & Xmtr Shack
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The Restaurant
The Front Gate
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Former MINITRACK building.
The MINITRACK equipment was removed from the building and
relocated to the OPS building during the extension to the OPS
building in preparation for the APOLLO/SOYUZ mission in 1975.
Herd of Llamas who have lived
at the station for years.
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The Power House
Remnants of the past.
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Inside the Operations Building or the DAF
as it was called during the NASA days.
Marco Cevallos shows the Clirsen system
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Looking from the Ops building toward the Restaurant and Clirsen's X-Band Antenna.