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Administration Building
[Image]  , 42410 byte(s). [Image]  , 30396 byte(s).
Antenna Pedestal
Satellite Lounge Pub
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Road to Site
Antenna Pedestal
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Another View of the Administration Building
Mrs. O'Keefes Restaurant
[Image]  , 34625 byte(s).
Liddy's Pub
The top photo is of the Newfoundland site during the Skylab era, circa 1973-74.
The other photos are of the station taken in 2004.

The Newfoundland (NFL) station located about 15 miles from St. Johns was originally built as a MINITRACK site in 1960 to support ground tracks beyond 35 degrees north latitude. The site also had a MOTS Optical tracking system. The MINITRACK/MOTS operation was shut down in 1970.

During 1972 the MSFN and the STADAN networks were consolidated as one Spaceflight Tracking and Data Network (STDN) and as part of this consolidation the transportable system at Grand Bahama was sent to St. John's, Newfoundland to provide Skylab launch support during May 1973, and later, in mid July of 1975 the Newfoundland station supported the Apollo/Soyuz Test Project (ASTP) with the system.

After ASTP the transportable station was moved to Edwards AFB where it became the
Buckhorn (BUC) station and at this time NFL was shut down for all NASA operations. It is understood that the Canadian Government built a Landsat station there after that that lasted a few years.

Many thanks to Fred Calderon who furnished invaluable historical information on the station.

I welcome any corrections and (or) additions.

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Photos and Historical information were furnished by the following:
Fred Calderon
Jim Brophy
Dick Brown
Jim Spaziano