Dodge Park, 6172 byte(s). Dodge Park, 58629 byte(s).
Dodge Park Building (circa 1965) Home of Network Support Group (NSG) for many
years. NSG occupied 90% of the building. Located on MD Rt.202 (Landover Rd.)
They provided services to GSFC in support of the Manned Space Flight Network.
typing pool, 55882 byte(s).
Typing Pool at NSG. "An average of 5000 pages of final copy per month and not a computer in sight"
Keesey, Lauman, Hill, 26084 byte(s).
Walt Keesey at left, Bill Lauman (Head) center and Pete Leatherwood on the right.
Pete was a public relations type and Walt was Bill Lauman's administrative assistant.

Photos furnished by Walt Keesey