Hello Orly Tower, this is MAD-AIR Fifty-one
Requesting clearance for takeoff
On the Madagascar run
MAD-AIR Fifty-one, this is Orly control
Please disconnect that fuel truck
Before you let her roll.

This is the Captain speaking on behalf of all the crew
The wine will soon be flowing
Champagne and whiskey too
Even up here on our flight deck, all kinds of things are done
Headed for Tananarive
On MAD-AIR Fifty-one.

Good evening all you passengers we're airborne for a time
Come on up to the cockpit
And have a glass of wine
For the French wines are delicious and the stewardae are fun
The sky's the only limit
On good old MAD-AIR Fifty-one.

Come in Djibouti tower, this is MAD-AIR Fifty-one
We forgot to stop in Cairo
So we're flying on one lung
Get the crash crew by the runway, our descent is not so slow
Our altitude is low.

Non-stop from Tanganyika down to Tananarive
If I were back in Paris
They'd never make me leave
Although the day was cloudless with a hot blazing sun
Things were mighty foggy
On MAD-AIR Fifty-one

We approached the Great Red Island and landed there at last
As we taxied to the terminal
You could here the speakers blast
At least until next Thursday, our praying is done
We announce the arrival
Of MAD-AIR Fifty-one! !

JRL 1966