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Goldstone Apollo Site

"The dismantling of the Goldstone 9-meter antenna started August 21, 2009. As far as I know, it is going to be turned into scrap.

A contractor mentioned a walk-through the 26-meter (DSS-16) antenna, so its dismantling will be at a later date.

Demolition of the Mojave site has also been in progress.

The Microwave Test Facility (MTF) has been gutted and the east walls were mostly down as of yesterday." (August 21, 2009)

Reid Drummond
Goldstone Spectrum and Airspace Coordination Supervisor
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This answers the question of what they were going to do with the dish. The frame is being cut with a torch. The antenna deck, stairways, and legs were cut with a torch yesterday, 8/27/09.


The Mojave has reclaimed the land now but the ghost of those years will remain forever...