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Mount Cotopaxi in the background.
~ 5911 meters (~19393 ft.)

The station is at 3591 meters (11780 ft.)

40 foot dish

Small herd of llamas in the foreground

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The building on the left was the restaurant.
The center building was operations and the 40
foot dish is on the right.
In preparation for the Apollo-Soyuz mission in 1975
a dual 14 foot dish and S-Band transmitter building
were installed at the left of the Ops building.

After the STS-2 Mission in October-November 1981
Quito ceased operations as a NASA tracking station.

Not seen in this photo >

Two SATAN receive antennas
One SATAN command antenna
One SCAMP command antenna
MOTS (Optical Tracking System)
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Don Zander at the GQUI console
In the 70's
Quito station personnel in the early 70's
Charly Miller, Wash Downs, Gary Schulz, Skip Rowan
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