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The photo at the left is John Smith of the British crew at Winkfield, post 1966 when the SATAN antenna system was installed and this photo and the following Google satellite image of the Winkfield area were furnished by him.

The third photo is a later shot of the Winkfield area, which also shows the north end of the village of Winkfield.

It is not known when the satellite view of the third photo was actually taken but it is what Google provided as of 12/19/2007.

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The following photos/link are of a visit by Queen Frederika of Greece to the Winkfield area in 1963.

In the video link there is a black and white movie of the Queen's visit to the Treloar College for Disabled Boys which makes up the first half of the movie and the last half of the movie is of the Queen visiting the Winkfield Tracking Station. You will see the MINITRACK Antenna Field, the MOTS Optical Camera, a YAGI Antenna and the Control Room. CLICK ON either photo for the link to the movie. It is also possible to view the movie as Stills from this point.
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