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These photos were submitted by Randy Coffman who was stationed with the Ground-to-Air depot level overhaul team at Ben Guerir Air Base, Morocco circa 1960 on the C & E Depot Level Maintenance Program. Ben Guerir was a USAF SAC base and located about 15 miles north of Marrakech, Morocco. Marrakech is located about 100 miles south of Casablanca, Morocco. There were no photos for much of the base due to security regulations.
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VOR Site
Lenny Parker and Moroccan security guard
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Camel herd outside the base
G-A Depot Level Overhaul Vans
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Randy Coffman atop an old WWII tank near the base
Front of the BOQ at Ben Guerir Air Base
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Road from Marrakech to Ben Guerir Air Base
Roman Arch, the entrance to Volubilis City in ancient times.