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Recieved in Year 2015

Yednock, Stephen C. 12/4/2014 Stephen died at his home in Seabrook, Md. Stephen was a network controller for BFEC for more than 30 years. He served in the Air Force before joining NASA, where he was posted at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., monitoring space satellites. Obituray

Vogt, Elmer P. 12/31/2014 Elmer passed away in the Middleburg, FL area (Jacksonville).   His career with BFEC started in Europe with the RADAR calibration teams.  He spent many years at CYI (Canary Island MSFN).  In 1975 He was at the Newfoundland Tracking station for Apollo-Soyuz.  After that mission was completed he refurbished the transportable ground station and then installed it at Edwards AFB becoming the Buckhorn station supporting ALT and the early STS missions.  The remainder of his career leading an implementation team at several ground stations and GSFC. Obituary

Nissel, James W. 1/2/2015 James passed away in Ellicott City MD. James enjoyed a successful 40 year career a Field Engineer with BFEC. Obituary

Beaty, William 12/24/2014 William lost his battle with cancer in Lubbock TX. William (Bill) worked at the Alaska tracking station from 1966 to 1987.  He moved to Florida in '87 and left there in 97 to go to work in Columbia.  He left Columbia in 1999 to come back to Alaska and worked at Poker Flat until 2009.  Then they moved to Lubbock, Texas where they have been ever since.

Laverty, Norma 12/28/2014 Norma passed away 12/28/2014 in Annapolis MD area, Norma was the wife of John Laverty who passed in 2012. Obituary

Morrison, Teddy J. 1/27/2015 Teddy was a Vietnam veteran in the Air Force, serving in several assignments overseas. His professional career was in aerospace, where he was instrumental in designing and maintaining communication systems between the ground and manned spacecraft. He served in several locations throughout the US and in Spain before completing his career at the NASA White Sands facility in New Mexico, where his expertise helped establish reliable communications between NASA and the space shuttle. He retired in December 2013, and then moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Even in retirement, he was a consultant on several NASA projects. I also received a picture of Teddy. Obituary

Bland, Timothy F. 1/24/2015 All I currently have on Tim was he was a long time Bendix employee and the link to his obituary.

Moorhead, William E. 12/21/2014 Bill attended University of South Florida where in his sophomore year of 1962 he was selected by NASA to be in the first group of cooperative students to work for the new Manned Space Flight Program at Cape Canaveral, Florida. Later Bill joined BFEC at the Goddard Space Flight Center under the NASA Space Flight Data and Network Systems (STDN) Low Earth Orbit (LEO) ground tracking station network. After service in the US Navy, Bill returned to BFEC at GSFC. In 1972, Bill transferred to the NASA STDN’s Merritt Island Launch Annex (MILA) tracking station on the John F. Kennedy Space Center, Florida and moved his family to Brevard County. At MILA, Bill supported many Expendable Launch Vehicles (ELV’s), LEO Scientific Spacecraft and 133 of 135 Space Shuttle missions as Chief Data Technician (telemetry and command). Bill retired on April 8, 2011 after 49 years of service to the NASA space program. Obituary

Hendricks, Randy Randy worked in the Telemetry Section at Ascension Island and then transferred to Quito in 1975. Randy died in late 1976 or 1977 in Quito due to a car accident. His car hit the back of a disabled truck that was in the road with no lights or any other warning signals.

Winn, Gene 2/4/2015

Petrosky, John P. 2/5/2015 John Paul "Pete" Petrosky, 70, a four year resident of Gambrills who previously lived for 36 years in Severn, died February 5, 2015 at Baltimore Washington Medical Center of cardiac arrest after a brief illness. Born December 28, 1944 in Ohio, Pete graduated from Follansbee High School in 1962. He then spent four years in the Air Force, achieving the rank of sergeant, before going to work for the Bendix Corporation in Columbia. A member of St. Bernadette's Catholic Church in Severn, he was an avid golfer and avid supporter of the basketball and football teams at West Virginia University. He is survived by his wife, Carol Petrosky, whom he married July 6, 1974, and his brother, Stanley Petrosky of Colliers, WV. He was preceded in death by two brothers, Edward and Walter Petrosky. Obituary

Nelson, Carl S. 2/2015 Steve was a long term BFEC employee, having worked at the Kennedy Space Center along with many other assignments.

Goodson, Charles D. 2/16/2015 Obituary

Miller, Thomas Miles 1/1/2015 Tom started working for Bendix Field Engineering on November 6, 1956.  Tom passed away January 1, 2015 of pneumonia and heart disease at the age of 85. Obituary (Updated 3-19-2015)

Thompson, Frederick A. 3/11/2015 Obituary

Farner, George C. 2/5/2015 Obituary

Norman, Seaton B. 3/19/2015 Obituary

Comella, Vincent J. 12/12/2009 Obituary

Nolan, James J. Jr. 4/1/2015 Obituary

Bird, Claud E. 4/16/2015 Obituary Claud's wife, Vera Jean Bird passed away 3 days earlier on 4/13/2015

Martin, Bernard E. (Bernie) 11/19/2014 Obituary Bernie also worked in the early days with Bendix Radio as well as BFEC.

Phelps, Richard W. (Rick) 2/3/2012 Rick worked many years on the NESEA assignment before going to White Sands, NM.

Canty-Saunders, Dawn 3/18/2013 Obituary Dawn worked at Goddard for many years supporting the Space Shuttle program.

Ganch, Allan 6/2015 No obituary information yet. Al had been suffering from a heart condition, hypertension and emphysema. Al worked in the Ascension Islands, Quito and JSC.

Lucero, Martin (Marty) Unknown Date. Marty worked at the White Sands Complex from 1983 to the late 1990’s. Marty passed away from stomach cancer.

Ginavan, David 7/9/2015 Dave passed away in Claremont, CA at the age of 84 in his home surrounded by his wife Nancy, and his daughters. Dave was an old time BFEC’er and worked several assignments including Senior Station manager at Goldstone, CA STDN Tracking Station. Dave’s last assignment was the Director of the JPL DSN Contract. Update: I received an obituary from the family, click here to view.

Pollard, Ronald W. “Blackie” 7/22/2015 Obituary

Bowers, Elaine 6/26/2015 It was sudden, Elaine found out she had cancer and was dead within 3 weeks.  She was in Howard County/Hopkins Hospital, was taken to Dove House Hospice in Westminster near her son and family, and died within 24 hours.  She was 72.  She worked at Bendix from  1964 at NTTF, left for a year, and came back in the Operations Documentation Group several years later.  She supported Bendix/AlliedSignal/Honeywell through 2011.  She worked with John Gale at Goddard Space Flight for several years in the beginning in the Hyattsville area, then in Columbia, and then in the Operations Documentation Group at the Aerospace Building near GSFC.

Richards, Johanna Date unknown. Email from family: Our family will be hosting a memorial tea for our mom on Sunday, July 26th from 11am-2pm at the Elkridge Furnace Inn in Elkridge, MD.  I'm afraid guessing from the email addresses that many of you do not live in Maryland so I understand it is unlikely you could attend.  Please forgive me for not getting your addresses sooner to send a proper invitation (mommy is shaking her head at me right now) and I'm terribly sorry to email every together but thank goodness for technology. It's an informal event so you can drop in for a few minutes or the whole time, whatever works with your Sunday.  If you are able to attend please just let me know - you can email me here or at my personal email, and we look forward to seeing you.

Rhoderick, Gardiner W. “Rod” 7/20/2015 Obituary

Norman, Alfred V. 2/1/2015

Hawkins, Keith 8/23/2015

Dwork, Arnold 9/4/2015

Stefanoff, James 9/23/2015

Ward, Irvin D. 10/6/2015 Obituary

Clark, Donald E. 9/11/2015 Obituary

LaBrosse, Ronald A. 9/26/2015 Obituary

Edwards, Stephen G. 11/3/2015 Obituary

Kamosa, Albert M. 9/17/2015

Holden, Harrol 10/28/2015 Obituary

Strand, Richard, 11/20/2015 Obituary

Sax, Eugene L., 11/7/2015 Obituary

Rest in Peace

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