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Recieved in Year 2016

MacInnis, Frederick H. 12/19/2015 Frederick a resident of Mount Airy, MD, passed away peacefully in his home. Obituary

Helland, Brian N. 12/16/2015 Brian passed away in his home in Austin, MN. Obituary

Gill, William Martin 1/20/2016 Obituary

Koonze, Charles R. 12/15/2015 Obituary

Morrison, Joseph 9/14/2014 Obituary

Grove, Douglas E. 2/3/2016 Obituary

Adkins, Al unknown date or details, believe it was in 2014

Shipman, Ruth unknown date

Phillips, Gloria unknown date

Saunders, Rosita unknown date

McCarthy, Kevin 4/12/2016 Obituary

Kodak, Kenneth L. 2/282016 Kenneth L. Kodak, 56 passed away of a heart attack, while he was living in Orion, Bataan in the Philippines. He is survived by his wife, Lourdes Anillo Kodak of Orion, Bataan, and her family in the Philippines. Kenneth was a graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School and was an electronics technician for Honeywell. While he was in school, he was known on the CB radio as "The One and Only Original Beckley Streaker". He was cremated in the Philippines, the place he loved. Kenneth worked at Goldstone 1982 to 1988, 1988 to 1997 Senior System Analyst Technician, NASA’s Crustal Dynamics Laser Ranging System, Oct2009 to Aug2010 Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc., Hawaii ATFP Associate Engineer, Commander Navy Region Hawaii, Sept2010 to Nov2011, Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc. Yokosuka, Japan and ATFP OCONUS Lead  Engineer/Manager Sustainment Lead.

Fong, Al 4/17/2016 From: Azucina (Azon) Fong, wife and Alan (Kiddo) Fong, son; We are sad to advise you that Al Fong passed away today, Sunday April 17, 2016, at 5:30pm, Guam Memorial Hospital.  He was complaining about a headache and high-fever for three weeks, then suffered a brain aneurysm that hemorrhaged, was rushed to the hospital, where the doctor determined that an operation would not help. Unfortunately, he lasted only 4 more days. We know he is in a better place now and are thankful for the time we were able to be part of his life.

Wyczalek, Daniel W. 5/7/2016 Obituary

Branscum, Therlo “Bud” 3/9/2016 Obituary

Parker, Larry E. Unknown Date (April 2016?)

Emmel, Fred Unknown Date

Worlow, Billy (Bill), 7/2/2016 Bill 82, of Mims FL, passed away due to pancreatic cancer in Titusville.

Massiminni, Tony 10/6/2016 Obituary

Quimby, Patricia R, 6/8/2016 Obituary

Powell, Rick, 7/24/2016 Obituary Passed away in Florida after a battle with liver failure.

Evans, Gerald (Jerry) 7/28/2016 Obituary

Smith, Wynona G. 7/20/2014 Obituary

Weingarten, Murray, 8/22/2016 Obituary or Link to Funeral Home

Bradbury, Claudia 9/15/2016 Obituary

Little, Leonard George, Sr 9/24/2016 Obituary

Jeffries, Phyllis Ann (Sue) 9/13/2016 Obituary

Badger, Richard L., 10/16/2016 Obituary

Herndon, William M. (Bill) III 12/17/2016 Bill suffered a heart attack at his resident in Las Vegas on December 3rd and passed December 17. The family is planning a memorial service for him in Philadelphia, PA sometime towards the end of February. Bill had many assignments while with BFEC/AlliedSignal; Canary Islands, Madagascar, USNS Vanguard, Ascension Island, Kauai HA, Dandan, Guam, Greenbelt, MD, Dakar, Senegal and Goldstone, CA. Memorial service will be held February18th 2017 at 11:00am, St. George, St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, 520 S 61st Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143.

Orff, Robert E. (Bob) 12/30/2016 Obituary

Arborgast, Carl 12/21/2016 Obituary

Gibson, Robert (Bob) 12/8/2016 No further information at this time.


Rest in Peace

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