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Recieved in Year 2020

Bazemore, Lamar E. 6/16/2019 Obituary

Schehl, Dennis E. 2/9/2020 Obituary

Bakos, Steve N. 1/28/2020 Obituary

Boecker, Vera 10/2017

Sanders, Robert 3/7/2020

Roloff, Ronald Charles (Ron) 10/22/2017 Obituary

Miller, Joseph John 6/14/2016 Obituary

Dixon, Deward M. Sr 4/30/2020 Obituary

Fanelli. Nick A. 12/3/2019 Obituary

Pavelka, Donald D. 4/10/2020 Obituary

Dickson, Alvin, Clinton 9/4/2009 Obituary

Jennings, Dwayne 1/18/2014 Obituary

Gallop, Linue Jackson (Jack) 9/25/2013 Obituary

Althouse, Myron E. 1/24/2006 Myron served during World War II and the Korean Conflict in the US Navy. Worked as a chemist, engineer and diesel mechanic and then worked for Bendix as a Tracking Supervisor at Kennedy Space Center.

Staskus, Paul A. 1/12/2020 Obituary

Page, Ralph E. 9/29/2005 Obituary

Ashworth, Howard 11/14/2012 Obituary

Gleason, Clarence M. Jr 11/16/2019 Obituary

Wash, Clarence “Whit” 8/21/2020 Obituary

Hicks, Larry 12/25/2020 Not sure of exact date, he passed away in Ecuador due to Covid

Bartlett, William A. 12/15/2020 Obituary

Spohr, Carolyn H. 11/13/2020 Carolyn passed away from complications from PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) after a long illness. Carolyn was a School teacher and Principal of the Bendix School in Tananarive Madagascar in 1967 and 1968. Carolyn and John Spohr celebrated their 60th Anniversary on August 20,2020

Gillin, Bruce and (wife) Mittie 2018 Bruce was well known in the NASA STADAN network. He was the Facilities Manager at the NASA site in Quito, Ecuador, Antannarivo, Madagascar as well as other locations.

Hinson, Elgin “Tennessee” 9/16/2020 Elgin served in the United States Navy from 1964 to 1968. Elgin worked for Honeywell Corporation overseas in the Middle East

Smith, Edward A. 8/19/2020 Obituary

Sielski, Henry “Hank” 9/3/2020 Hank passed away 3 September 2020 near his home in Barstow, California. Hank was a long time employee of the Bendix Field Engineering Corporation. He was the Logistics Supervisor at the NASA site outside of Quito, Ecuador, Tananarivo, Madagascar.


Rest in Peace

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