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A great picture of Gary, at the helm of BFEC.US in 2010. He decorated the walls with all of his US Air Force, Apollo, Skylab, Apollo-Soyuz, Shuttle, SOSUS, Compatibility Test Van (CTV), Hubble plaques, awards, commendations and a slew of other cool things he collected throughout the years. Rest in peace dad, we miss you.



**** You may need to "refresh" your computer on each of these pages to get the latest updates. See link if you need more instructions.

Mar 19, 2015
I have got word of two more passings, their obituary information will be on the obits page;

Frederick “Fred” Allen Thompson, 75, passed away on March 11, 2015 in Clear Lake, TX. In addition Barbara and children are looking for Chuck Hairrell and Bill Tucker, if anyone has any information on them email me at webtek and I’ll get it to the family.

George Conrad Farner, 79, passed away February 5, 2015 in Boise ID.

I also got a couple emails from some folks just finding the web site or stopping by for an update.

Walt Worth said he visits the site occasionally and was happy that it was still being updated. Walt provided a little of his own history, working for BFEC at Blossom Point, 1978 to 1982, then joined the Peace Sun Team in St. Charles, Missouri, then Saudi Arabia (Taif, King Fahd Air Force Base) from 1984 - July, 1987, when he returned to Titusville, FL. Walt is currently close to his 27th year at Kennedy Space Center. Walt is looking for Hector Cleaves, if anyone knows where he is or how to contact him email me at webtek and I’ll forward it to Walt.

John Freeman (Jr) sent an email after finding the web site and seeing his father Junius John Freeman Sr., a 28 year veteran of Bendix, on the LOS page. John shared some memories of his father and his career that I will try and post on a future update.

I also received an updated obituary for Tom Miller sent to me by his wife Marlene. I will add it to the obituary page.


Mar 3, 2015
I just received notification from Marlene that her husband Thomas Miller “Tom” passed away. Thomas Miles Miller started working for Bendix Field Engineering on November 6, 1956.  Tom passed away January 1, 2015 of pneumonia and heart disease at the age of 85. I have Marlene’s email if anyone wishes to get in contact with her, email me and I forward it.

I also got a little more information on John Petrosky that I added to the original post. Thanks Robin Dixon for the additional information.


Feb 28, 2015
First off, if you tried to get on the web site last week, you might have noticed that it was down. This was totally due to my oversight of the bill for the web site hosting was due and I forgot to pay it. As you see, that has been taken care of and I apologize for the hick-up.
I have some folks to add to the obituary page, but I don’t have a lot information about their passing’s or obituaries so far.

John Petrosky passed away 2/5/2015 in MD after a brief illness.

Carl Steve Nelson passed away, Sam Bass let me know that Steve was a long term BFEC employee, having worked at the Kennedy Space Center along with many other assignments.

Charles “Chuck” Goodson passed away 2/16/2015 in Barstow CA. I received an update for Chuck; He had been ill for some time. Thelma had to put him into assisted living last fall and seemed to be doing alright until about 3 or 4 days ago when he started going downhill and finally passed away.

I got a nice email from Donald White who ran across the web site and checked in to say thank you. Donald advised that he is a 43 year NASA Space veteran as well as US Army veteran. If anyone wishes to contact Donald email me and I will forward it to him.

Speaking of space veterans, we lost a man this week who through a TV/movie career kept our belief that there is more out there than just the planet earth. Leonard “Spock” Nimoy --Live long and prosper--


Feb 06, 2015
I had a couple things popped in after I did the update yesterday.

Late word that Gene Winn passed away 2/4/2015 after a battle with cancer. I don’t have any further information yet, I’ll pass it on when I get it.

Also Allan Ganch informed that Randy Hendricks was not listed on the “Memorial” page. Allan advised me that Randy was Allan’s best man at his wedding in Quito. Randy worked in the Telemetry Section at Ascension Island and then transferred to Quito in 1975. Randy died in late 1976 or 1977 in Quito due to a car accident. His car hit the back of a disabled truck that was in the road with no lights or any other warning signals. Thanks Allan for the update and I will get Randy on the web site.

I have got a lot of email lately, thanks to all the folks who keep me updated

Feb 05, 2015
First I have a few more folks that have passed away.

Teddy Morrison passed away 1/27/2015 from an apparent heart attack at his property in Baton Rouge, LA.

Tim Bland passed away 1/24/2015 peacefully at his home in Gambrills MD.

William Moorhead 12/21/2014 died in Titusville FL after complications from cancer. I was contacted by Dave Moulton who is the Editor of the newsletter for Goddard Retirees & Alumni Association (GRAA) about the passing of William. I have contact information for Dave if anyone wishes to get in touch.

I will post more information and links on the obituary page.

Cliff Jobes checked in by email. Cliff is looking for Randy Simmons or any contact information for Randy. Randy and Cliff worked together in Quito Ecuador. If you know Randy or how to get in touch with him, email me and I will get it to Cliff.

I heard from Steve Lane who has a question I couldn’t answer. If anyone knows who the Workmen’s Compensation Insurance carrier for Bendix back in 1990, please email me and I can get that to Steve.

Allan Ganch emailed me saying he found the web site and enjoyed the memories. Allan also mentioned that if anyone wants to get in contact with him to email me and I will pass it on. Allan and Gary were co-workers and friends at Quito, thanks for the email Allan.

I Got an email from David Jones who was part of BFEC at Bermuda, Madrid, and the USNS Vanguard. David attached a picture from Madrid Tracking station with himself and Landis Beasley, here is a link to the picture that I will be posting on the Madrid page.


Jan 7, 2015
Happy New Year, hard to believe that it’s 2015.

I have quite a few death notifications to pass on, unfortunately.
I will post the obituary links I have on the obits page.

Stephen Yednock died 12/4/2014 at his home in Seabrook, Md. Stephen was a network controller for BFEC for more than 30 years. He served in the Air Force before joining NASA, where he was posted at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., monitoring space satellites.

James Nissel passed away 1/2/2015 in Ellicott City MD. James enjoyed a successful 40 year career a Field Engineer with BFEC.

William Beaty passed away 12/24/2014 in Lubbock TX. William (Bill) worked at the Alaska tracking station from 1966 to 1987.  He moved to Florida in '87 and left there in 97 to go to work in Columbia.  He left Columbia in 1999 to come back to Alaska and worked at Poker Flat until 2009.  Then they moved to Lubbock, Texas where they have been ever since.

Elmer Vogt passed away 12/31/2014 in the Middleburg, FL area (Jacksonville).   His career with BFEC started in Europe with the RADAR calibration teams.  He spent many years at CYI (Canary Island MSFN).  In 1975 He was at the Newfoundland Tracking station for Apollo-Soyuz.  After that mission was completed he refurbished the transportable ground station and then installed it at Edwards AFB becoming the Buckhorn station supporting ALT and the early STS missions.  The remainder of his career leading an implementation team at several ground stations and GSFC.

Norma Laverty passed away 12/28/2014 in Annapolis MD area, Norma was the wife of John Laverty who passed in 2012.

I had a couple folks check in and say hi or pass some news.

Ernie Hassell sent an email, said he found the web site and wanted to touch base. He also gave me an idea to come up with a guest book or a "check in" page of sorts, I’ll see what I can come up with.

Darlene Fritsche checked in and informed me that she is in the initial stages of getting a reunion planned. The only thing we have so far is October 2015 in Florida. Stayed tuned.

Stan Valeski checked in from Boulder City passing on a Merry Christmas to everyone.

I have email addresses for all these folks, if you wish to make contact with them send me an email at webtek and I will forward it.

Larry Hare let me know that Murray Weingarten’s condition has not improved much, physically ok but no mental response. Please keep the family in your thoughts.

The last item I have is an email from Andy Hensley. I’m not sure if he is real, spam email or if this fella has some hidden motive. Anyway if you know him, please let him know that the BFEC website is what it is and I’m not changing it. Gary built it just the way he wanted too, and I do my best to keep it updated. If Andrew truly wants some kind of change or is un-happy with my efforts , then I suggest he go build his own damn web site.
Here is what Andrew sent me:

“Messed Up”
Whoever is now running the web page, Get it together, give it to someone else or shut it down.

Andrew A. Hensley
Heaquarters Columbia - 1969
Quito Ecuador - 1969 1973
Rosman North Carolina - 1973 1978
Merritt Island Florida - 1978 2011

Dec 18, 2014
Late word tonight that Donald Powell passed away on 12/12/2014 at his home in Rosman NC. I’ll post more in the obituary page with link.

Dec 13, 2014

I have received notification of the passing of several folks. Robert (Bob) Fuzie passed at his home in Hesperia, CA on 11/27/2014.
Thomas Pennell also passed away 11/24/2014 at his home in Pagosa Springs CO after a long battle with cancer.
I will have links to obituaries on the obits pages and both will be added to the memorial page.
Never a good time to lose a loved one, but during the holidays sure makes it tough, rest in peace gentlemen.

Several folks checked in, some to say “hi”, others giving updates and notifications, thanks to Joe Wildman, Glenn Smith, Jim Brophy, Joe Johnson, Walt Natzic, Veronica Bolan, Gene Smith and I’m sure I missed a couple. Thanks to all for passing on the information to keep the site updated.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


Dec 02, 2014
I have received word that two folks have passed away, Jerry Francis Barnes and Jerry Ingersoll.
Jerry Barnes worked a short time for BFEC before being drafted into the army. Jerry later went on to a long career as a prosecutor with State Attorney’s Office in Maryland.
Jerry Ingersoll worked for Allied Signal/Bendix after retiring from a long military career. Both will be added to the obituary and memorial pages.


Nov 11, 2014 Happy Veterans Day Thank you to all who have served

I received word from Veronica Bolan that John Melvin Jerscheid passed away 10/25/2014. John was with BFEC at Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex. More information on John will be on the obits page.

I also heard from Polly Kessel, the daughter of George Norman Hunter. Polly wanted to let us know she found the web site and that her father would have loved it. George passed away 11/1/2011 and he will be added to the obituary and memory pages. Polly also mentioned to post her email for anyone who wants to reach out to her family. You can reach her at Polly Kessel

I got an email from Martin Wheeler who was in Madagascar. Martin came about the web site and had some questions that I could not answer. Martin said that there is a Yahoo group, primarily French and Malagasy who stay in touch via that form. For anyone interested the site is here. You will need to login to Yahoo.
Martin also inquired if there was any way to contact ex-BFEC folks who were at Imerintsiatosika. If you want to reach Martin, email me at and I will forward it to him.


Oct 08, 2014 Word has been received that John Bennett passed away 10/1/2014 in Carrolton, TX. John was a long time BFEC’er with over 34 years of service on numerous projects. John was a good friend to Gary on the NESEA (SOSUS) project and I remember John as well as Marvin “Nish” Nishizaki and Jim Spaziano all being at our house in Virginia Beach. Rest in peace, we miss all of you.
I also been informed that Edward Joseph Eisele Jr passed away 9/20/2014 in Stoughton WI. Ed had many notable jobs during his life, including 20 years as director at Alaska STADAN Station.
I will posts links to their respective obituaries on the obits page and the will be added to the memory page.

Sep 28, 2014 Word from Dennis Hayward via Neale Luttrell that Charlie Horner passed away on 9/13/2014. Charlie worked at BFEC Headquarters in Columbia. Charlie was buried in Baltimore 9/16/2014.
Also got an update on Murray Weingarten via Clive who spoke with Shirley and she told me there is no change with respect to Murray's condition.  She said that he is wheeled outside for fresh air.   He sits well, but is unable to talk. Still has 24/7 care.

Sep 12, 2014 My apologies for the extended delay in updating, summertime is a very busy time for me. I have quite a few updates to follow;
I have been notified that Aaron C. Dutton passed on 8/25/2014, thank you Teresa (wife) for letting us know. Teresa also wanted to pass along that she would like to hear from anyone who worked with Aaron at Guam or Spain. Contact me at webtek and I’ll pass it on to Teresa.
George M. “Buck” Buckingham 8/4/2014 has also passed away, thanks Larry for the information. I also received obituaries for Edgar “Ed” Richards and Dorothy “Dottie” Kemp.
I will post everything on the obituary and memorial pages.

I received an email from AJ Heath with a link to a video he created about the Project Mercury/Missile Tracking station on Grand Bahamas. Very well done AJ, thank you for sharing.

Jack Stoner from Inverness FL checked in after finding the BFEC web site. Jack worked telemetry and UHF com at Ascension Islands and later at Goddard during Apollo missions. Jack also let me know of another BFEC’er , Joe Wildman who also resides in the FL Nature Coast area (my neighborhood). Jack also mentioned he plays in a country western band in the west central FL area including the Villages.

Joseph Cantrell checked in and provided some pictures from the Ascension Islands. I was able to add a another page to the Ascension photos, click here to view. If you want to check the page out later, it's at #5.

I received a request from Michelle Bridges who is looking for Hubert “Bert” Greene. Bert was known to be at Seychelles until late 1973, then Guam and maybe Goddard. The article written by Gary at the end of the BFEC Seychelles page may help those who need to more information. If you know Bert, send me an email at webtek and I will get it to Michelle.

July 22, 2014 I learned today that the email account for was hacked. Good news I got it resolved and all is back in order, but if you have received a rejected email from webtek, that was why.
I heard again from Cheryl Cross, Donald Cross daughter. Cheryl sent me an official obit for Donald and I will update the page to reflect that. Also Cheryl would like to hear from anyone who worked with Donald, so if you have some memories you would like to share with the family please email Cheryl at Cheryl also inquired about reunions, so if anyone has any updated info let us know. I’m not aware of anything being put together yet.

I also heard from Robert Burgess (Bob), who built the website about Bermudians at NASA Tracking Stations. Bob sent this to me a few weeks ago and is trying to make contact with the some folks who can possibly help him with his endeavor.
“Recently, some of my former Bendix work mates and I approached key persons at the National Museum of Bermuda with the possibility of setting up a display that would capture the contributing role Bermuda played in space exploration, especially during the Apollo moon landings. The Museum is at an ideal location where tourist and locals alike frequent. We believe we have something positive here as the response to this request has been most favorable and encouraging. My purpose for sending you this email is to find out if you know anyone we could approach from NASA or Bendix who would be helpful in taking this initiative to the next level.”
Any information that you can provide would be most appreciated and welcomed. Please contact Bob at the following: Robert P. Burgess
e-mail or Phone 441-236-3712

I have been informed that Dottie Kemp, the widow of Ray Kemp the BFEC Security Chief of many years, passed away. I have no further details at this time.

July 12, 2014 Actually the update finally posted July 17, 2014, I’m still looking into why there was such a delay. I have received word that several folks have passed away. Ann Stamey was the wife of JC Stamey, another long time BFEC’er. Thank you Steve Ramey for the notification. Don Cross passed away peacefully of a heart attack in his sleep at home near Atlanta, Ga. on July 11, 2014. Thank you, Cheryl Cross-Toby (daughter) for the information. Clarence Hoynes passed away 6/29/2014, Clarence had been battling cancer that had spread into his lungs. Thank you Joe Johnson for letting us know. I will get everyone on the obituary and memory pages.
I also received updated memorial information for Clyde Cox and Chet Shaddeau, I will link it from the obituary page for those interested.
While on that subject, if you have additional information on folks who have passed, or have links to the funeral homes, obits, etc., email that to me and I can link it from the website.

Larry updated Murray Weingarden’s status, he still in a wheel chair, under 24/7 care and unresponsive to conversation. Please keep Murray and his family in your thoughts.

I got a nice email from Dan Kovalchik who wanted me to post information on his new book. Dan said it was the “sequel” to his book “Range Rats at Sea”. Here is the web site for additional information or you can head to Amazon to purchase the new book, “The Devil’s Ashpit & other Tales of Ascension Island

June 22, 2014 - Word has been received that the following folks have passed away; Chet Shaddeau, Napoleon Lacey and Kenneth Sanderson this month and late notifications about Milton Holstein and David Rechenbach. Please see the obits page for more detail and all will be posted on the memorial page. Rest in peace.
I have also heard from Dick Farrow and Ed Briggs, thanks for checking in.
Word also in about several folks who have fallen ill and we are hopeful for a speedy recovery. Please keep Murray Weingarten and Clarence Hoyens in your thoughts

June 5, 2014 - May was a quiet month, thankfully I did not receive any passing away notifications. I did hear from Amaya Davis who is looking for anyone who knew or worked with Allan Davis. Allan may have worked in the Canary Islands, Madagascar and Antigua and during the time frames of Gemini, Mercury, Apollo and Skylab missions. If anyone can help please email me at Webtek and I will forward it to Amaya.
I received this from some aerospace contacts I have, it’s home movie of some folks who toured the Kennedy Space Center in the early 70’s, I thought it might be of intrest. KSC Home Video

May 07, 2014 - I have been in contact with several folks since the last update, thank you for checking in. Joe Cantrell emailed me and advised that Gary Tomperi passed away in Waldorf, MD in October 1998, he has been added to the Obit/memory page. Thanks for the info Joe, as well as your BFEC history, I thinking I might add a page that I can post some of these bios I have received.

Jerry Ricks also sent a nice email with his BFEC history and time working with my dad in Quito. Jerry is currently enjoying his retirement traveling the States with his wife in a RV. Jerry asked if I might have any contact information for Dan Umberger, I dont, but if someone does send me an email and I will pass it on to Jerry.

April 22, 2014 - I have been notified that John Cornwell, F.Joseph Svec and Clyde Cox have passed away. I also recieved an email that Lee Brown passed away many years ago and all will be added to the obits/memorial page.

April 4 to 16, 2014 - Larry Elder Hare has been emailing me with several reports about Vic Exkman. Vic had heart surgery and was very critical for a period of time. Good News, he has been upgraded and as of 4/16/2014 been discharged from the hospital and is now in a rehabilitation facility doing much better. Best to Vic and his wife Eleanor.

April 9, 2014 - Lawrence Dillard is looking for any information and/or acquiantences in reference to his father Sidney Paul Dillard. If you remember Sidney, please contact me and I will forward it to Lawrence.

April 2, 2014
I received an email from Philip Clark (Australia) who is listed in the BFEC history pages about Australia . Philip said he has completed a book about Orroral Valley Space Station, click for more.

March 27, 2014
Word has been received that there are two more names to be added to the obituaries and memory pages, rest in peace.
John Lawerence Williams, 74, of Thurmont, Maryland passed away on February 24, 2014.
Jack Melton Hall, passes away on November 14, 2010 in Clermont, Florida.

March 21, 2014
Chesapeake Region Retiree Group
- Information forwarded from Daniel Wyczalek

Our group in Maryland is now going to be meeting only twice a year. April and October and for the first time, we are making a change in the place to hold our luncheons. We have been checking around and have come up with a Catering Service, Superior Catering by M&M, who is now doing some 6 retiree company groups and is willing to take us on with good food and a reasonable price.
Since this year, we have been checking places, we are late in getting started so instead of April, we will begin on May 7th at the UAW Hall located at 1010 Oldham Street in East Baltimore. We do hope that everyone will be pleased with our selection and will attend regularly so we can continue these luncheons. Anyone in the area interested in coming, contact me at 410-256-8381. (

March 10, 2014
I received an anouncement from Peter Nicoll for a reunion for the folks from SOSUS/IUSS that will take place on 20-SEP-2014 in Norfolk VA. The IUSS site is here. The BFEC page for SOSUS/IUSS is here.
Peter also added that their is a facebook link for IUSS as well, click here.

March 09, 2014
Sorry for the delay in updating, I really went back to square one and been trying to make updating and maintaining the web site easier. Unfortunately due to the original structure, I cannot adapt the site into a newer web editor such as Adobes Dreamweaver. So to make a long story short, I will be manually editing the code to word, "slow".
I have received several more obituaries and I will get those done shortly. I have added a link to the left, "Scott's Web Site" where I will move forward with a new site that will be a mix of Gary's stuff he was working on and my own.
As I indicated before, I want to leave Gary's original web pages alone, but I'm going to put in a link soon to a new BFEC page for easier updating, everything else will remain.

February 15, 2014
I have received more updates that are eight more folks to add to the obituary/memory page. As indicated before, I’m working on getting some more information put on about those who have passed. Once again I pass on my condolences to the families and friends, rest in peace.

February 07, 2014
I added seven folks to the obituary/memory page. Once I am able to do regular updates to the web site,
I will attempt to put in full obituaries and hopefully links to the respective funeral homes and other information.

January 30, 2014
Good afternoon for those who are checking in. I have been plugging away at the web site, but before I go much further I wanted to convey my intentions. I want to leave the web site just as Gary had it, as memorial to my father and to the work he did. I want to add a new page to continue with some other things he would have been interested in and by all means any input from the folks who use this site. Stay tuned for new page.  I will continue to update the NEWS section and do my best with the LOS for those who have passed.
Please send me any news, info, obituaries, or events that may be coming up to pass on.
Email to or


June 30, 2013

It's with great sadness and a heavy heart that I report the death of my father Gary Schulz.
Gary passed on February 10th, 2013 after complications from surgery to correct blocked arteries in his groin and legs.
I apologize for the extended delay in getting this information out to all the folks who visit this page on
a regular basis. I sure you would understand that getting to his web page was not the initial priority.
With that, if you knew Gary or anything about him, you would also know that he was a computer expert, and getting into to his computers and deeper into his web pages has been a long process. Gary had no love for Windows, Microsoft or anything with Bill Gates name on it, thus he created a hybrid that was a combination of several operating systems. This created an enormous challenge for me to try and unravel in order to even do an update to his web pages.
I will keep this short, please be patient with the web page, I want to try and take control of it and make
updates as soon as possible.

The email address(s);
are still good, but I don’t access them every day, if you need to contact me directly use

Thank you,

the Obituary page

[Image]  , 9398 byte(s).
I have received the above video produced from an old black & white film from Brian Larwood who is with the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum in Carnarvon Western Australia and he is seeking information on the film from anyone who has worked at the tracking stations mentioned in the video which are KSC, Canary Islands, Guaymas, Mexico; Bermuda, Alaska, Kano, Nigeria and Johannesburg.

You can read the message that I received from Brian HERE.

If you have any information contact Brian at <> or me at <>
Contact: For inquries etc.

Scott Schulz <>