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Henry, Donald Gene 1/6/2018 Obituary

Berger, Clarence Sam 1/10/2018 Obituary

Begenwald, Anthony J. Sr 2/4/2018 Obituary

Odom, Eunice 12/17/2017 Obituary

Ebaugh, John S. Jr. 2/25/2018 Obituary

Lombardi, John L. 3/8/2018

Wilk, Abe 3/28/2018 Obituary

Patz, Beulah 3/15/2018 Obituary

Coram, Thomas F.  8/27/2017 Obituary

Oslund, Gordon 2005

Crawford, Donald R. 4/15/2018 Obituary

Baker, Ida (Florilda) Millner 10/29/2017 Obituary

Jackson, Billie “Bill” 7/23/2017 Obituary

Sutton, Victor “Vic” 3/10/2018 Obituary

Thomas, Kathleen 7/16/2014

Barger, Richard L. 10/16/2016 Obituary Richard L. Barger, age 79, of Titusville, Florida, passed away on October 16, 2016.He was born on October 2, 1937 in Mammoth, West Virginia. Richard is a United States Air Force veteran. He was an electronic technician at the Kennedy Space Center and worked there for 42 years. Throughout those 42 years Richard was self-employed as a TV repairman and a mechanic for a service station. He was a union steward, a member of the American Legion and also a member of the Jaycees back in the 1960’s. Some of Richard’s favorite pastimes were working in the yard and riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle. He is survived by his loving wife of 58 years, Carol Barger of Titusville, FL; daughters, Susan Price and Connie Rose of Titusville, FL and Vicki Gentry of Mims, FL; sons, Jeffrey Barger of Mims, FL and Russell and Richard Barger both of Titusville, FL; brothers, Roger Bush of Beavercreek, OH, David Bush of Oviedo, FL and Gerald Bush of Fort Myers, FL; and 13 grandchildren.

Engle, Howard Joseph 6/1/2018 Obituary

Moranville, Chuck 6/7/2018 Obituary

Marquis, Alvin 10/7/2018 Obituary

Krauze, Imants 1/24/2018 Obituary1 and Obituary2

Smith, Ronald G. 7/25/2018 Obituary

Underwood, William Jerome 7/10/2018 Obituary

Lundhagen, Richard G. 7/23/2018 Obituary

Henrich, Anthony R. 10/2/2014 Obituary

Brickerd, Ronald D. 2/2/2015 Obituary

Raimond, Samuel 9/2/2018 Obituary

Samchuck, Andrew, G. Obituary

Wiley, Marshall, D. Obituary or PDF


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Posted 10/1/2018

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